What to Expect When Visiting


You will be greeted by warm, loving individuals, then ushered into the Sanctuary to help you find a comfortable place to sit for the service.

We offer everyone the opportunity to express their love and honor of God through unhindered freedom to praise and worship as you will. Because of this freedom, you may experience some who choose to weep or cry before the Lord, some may kneel, or lie prostrate, others may shout or praise loudly, some may be praying loudly in English or in their prayer language.  Some may stay in their seat, and others may go to the altar area.  The Lord may bring us a prophetic Word, some people may experience healing during worship, but whatever may happen, “Be not Afraid” and do not be distracted by these events, but join with us in our excitement and expectancy of a miracle move of God here on the shoreline of Connecticut.  If you should have any questions about the service, please feel free to speak with one of the pastors or leaders. 

 We would like to encourage you to please place your focus entirely on the Lord during worship. When we are all focusing on the Lord, we will not be concerned with how someone else may be worshiping. As we all press into the Presence of God, we will create an atmosphere where God’s manifest Glory will visit us.  In His Glory, there is healing, deliverance, and victory.

 Everything you may experience in today’s service is Biblically based.  If we study the Word we know that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as our self, (Matthew 22:36-40) We also learn that God views honor as the ACTION or expression of your love of Him and His commands (John 14:15 KJV).

And since we are all called to prove to the nations He is Lord, by our actions of honor (“I am proved holy through you before their eyes.” Ezekiel 36:23), we must know what God considers as honor, so we can be obedient. 

 God considers the following actions as honor.  Each of these is an in-depth study of its own, but for the sake of brevity these are the actions of honor:

  1. Submission to His Name; James 4:7
  2. Faith;  1 Peter 5:8-9
  3. Truth;  John 8:32
  4. Prayer; Ephesians 6:18
  5. Praise;  Hebrews 13:15

 When we come together corporately, just as Christians have for over 2000 years, we are commanded to praise and worship the Father.  We believe this “sacrifice of praise”, creates the atmosphere of honor and brings glory to His Name.  A study of the words for praise and worship; Halal, Yadah, Towdah, Shabach, Barak, Zamar, & Tehillah, will conclude that all require an act of our will, and Jesus said this in Mark 12:30 (KJV)

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

 So, if we love God, we will honor Him, by being obedient to His Word, and we will offer a sacrifice of praise and involves all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. 

 Please enter into the Presence of the Lord today as we stand in agreement with you, that as you give your best to Him, He will, as He always does, do more than meet your needs, He will give you the desires of your heart.


The Pastors and Leadership of Shoreline