Please read the following with the understanding that we at Shoreline believe that revival has come to Connecticut and New England, but it's manifestation will NOT be fully realized  until we, as the church, get things right with God! 

We are working toward this goal with hunger and anticipation

Excerpt from an Interview


Pastor Steve Gray

Most people have a wrong concept of revival. Revival is for believers who have lost life. We say that its vigorous life coming to the half-dead. A lot of pastors want an evangelistic campaign. But revival needs to first start in the heart of the pastor and the leaders, then it will spill over into the church. Then you can go out in the power of the Spirit and change the world.  Many ministers don’t know how to get revival because they are looking in the wrong direction. They are not looking at themselves and saying, ‘I’m the problem.’ Many come to me and ask for prayer because they say the church needs revival, but they are the ones that really need revival. Once you realize that you really need it, the others will come. The real reason why revival struck our church is because I need it. Sure there were problems in the church, but they weren’t my problem-I was my problem. I needed Jesus in my life more than ever before. We need to get away from the thinking that the problem with everything is always someone or something else and never ourselves. People say, ‘Well, the problem is HBO, Disney, movie theaters, video games, and rock music.’ But these things are not stronger than the power of God. We must realize that the problem is us-we don’t love Jesus with all our hearts. We love the world too much.

In Matthew 22, the Pharisees asked Jesus whether it was right to pay taxes to Caesar or not in an attempt to trick Him. The first thing He did was call them hypocrites, then He instructed them to show Him the tax money. The unique thing about that moment was they reached into there pocket and had some. This is where the Church is today. We rant and rave about how bad the world is, but we’ve got the coin in our pocket all along. We like what the world has to offer, yet we try to deceive ourselves. What we really want is a cleaner carnality. We want movies we can take our kids to. We want the world to be cleaner so we all participate. We must stop preaching a cleaner carnality and experience real Christianity-a real relationship. The people in the Bible gave up their lives, and we can’t get people to give up their remote controls. Revival is not going to fall out of the sky. It comes and pours out of us.

The world revival has a lot of connotations to it, but the word outpouring describes what is happening. It’s something that starts in you, and then pours out of you. People still have the misconception of revival that it is such a sovereign move of God that we have no say in it. But that is absolutely not true. Yes, it is sovereign because God has already chosen to do it. God is already reaching down. We need to start reaching up with all your might-not half-heatedly. We can’t be Christians that are playing around in our food, we’ve got be really hungry. If you can get a group of people who are focused and sincerely reaching up for Him, you will find that His hand has been reaching down all the time. Revival can strike any palace, any where. Pastors say, ‘Well, I guess God likes you better’ or ‘you’ve got a lot favor and grace.’ But this is not the case. It’s not the reaching down, I try to teach people to reach up. If they will create and atmosphere of Heaven on earth, the Holy Spirit will manifest Himself where He is welcome.

Pastor Steve Gray - World Revival Church in Kansas City, Mo