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My Husband received the Lord while watching the services. The music was so powerful, we were both on our knees in the living room. I wish we lived in Connecticut.

The pain in my knees is completely gone.  I went to the doctor and after mew tests, he said I don't need an operation.  Now I'm expecting to get my eyesight restored completely also.

Pastor, I have been watching the services live for a while. Last week, you mentioned healing and I felt something happen in my body. ir was like a shock went through it.  All the pain of fibromyalgia is gone!! Praise Him - 

I praise God the heavenly Father for all you do and your ministry. My praise report is a physical healing. I was in need of an operation, but now, after standing in faith and receiving prayer, the doctors can find no need to operate!!!!! Glory to God ! Amen, Amen Amen!!!   Catherine

The streaming service has been a blessing to me, being unable to get out. the service is wonderful and God has healed me in so many ways since I have been faithful in being "at" service.  Love you Shoreline Church, Love you Pastor Mike & Meredith  - Tony

Watching Pastors' on TV, I prayed with them and agreed for my situation to change. This week my prayers were answered, I have been reunited with my son after years of being apart. Praise God He is so Good.  Terry

I received prayer on Sunday, and for the first time in all my life, I felt a change, a real change hit me and my desires have changed- I now look forward to service, and especially praise & worship  - Anonymous

After years of turmoil with certain relatives, there has been a major breakthrough! All of this after prayer and changing the way I have been speaking.  It really works.  Mary S.


I have been believing for a job for over 6 months, after prayer and changing my confession, I got the job I wanted.  Praise Jesus! M.H

My husband has totally refused to even come to church for over 20 years.  I stood in prayer and changed my confession. Last week he asked to go to church with me. WOW.   J.S.

I attended a recent Sunday Service and the power of God was so awesome! I was touched by God that day and struggles that I've been dealing with have become easier and I am getting the victory - Praise God!  - S. B.


The Sermon about the Holy Spirit was one of the most powerful sermons I have hear in 15 years.  I am a new woman! Thanks Pastor Meredith.  


My legs, the pain is gone.  I attribute this to the Word of God and your faithfulness - thank you Shoreline Church.


I had suffered with tremendous back and leg pain for many years. I had difficulty sitting or standing for long periods of time. After Pastor's Mike & Meredith prayed for me I have not had one day of discomfort or pain since.  Praise God!   R.B.


I can sleep through the night, without nightmares, or anxiety.  It's amazing! How awesome He is.  Thank you Shoreline for for faithfulness to step out in faith with the Healing Power of Jesus Christ.   A.A.C.


 I accepted Jesus today, I’m not sure what I need to do next, but I want to know more. Can you recommend a church in my area.


Unforgiveness has been eating me alive for over 20 years.  I prayed with you and since then I have felt the desire to try and communicate with my mother. Please pray for me, that I do not get angry or hurtful  - she is older now and I do not want her to die without knowing I love her

The tumor in my lungs is gone. I was diagnosed 2 and a half months ago. After more testing, they cannot find the tumor. I believe I was healed.  Thank you but I need prayer now for fear, that it will come back to kill me.  I prayed and believe in Jesus thank you – can you pray I will have good friends. Please send me a copy of today’s show

I have severe arthritis all over my body. I prayed with you every week and today for the first time I am able to take a walk without severe pain.  Maybe God is healing me – will you send me a pray clothe to contact with you – there is no church near here – I cannot drive to far.  Thank you

I have stage 3 cancer with chemno and radition my chances are not to good  I prayed with you and other preachers.  Today I prayed for jesus to enter me – I followed your prayer and now something is different – if I do die I am not afraid  - but maybe I will live guess this feeling is hope  I have no hope for many years  thanks for this I have no money but a few dollars please use it to do more for God


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