Paraguay 2013:

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/Pastor_Mike_Arrival_(2).jpg/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/Pastor_Mike_Arrival_(3).jpg/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/140.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/Pastor_Mike_Arrival_(5).jpg

Pastor Mike arriving in Acuncion, Paraguay

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/225.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/234.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/231.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/240.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/265.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/266.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/267.JPG

Pictures at the Foundation, where the kids are fed, taught the Word of God and cared for.

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/352.JPG

Traditional Paraguay Dance

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/Embajada_Cristiana_AM_service_(2).jpg/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/Embajada_Cristiana_AM_Service_(3).jpg

Church Service at Embajada Christiana

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay 2013/Itaugua_(2).jpg

New Church Plant in Itaugua - Pastor Luis Portillo with his wife and son

Pastor Mike, George & Adolfo

 Paraguay 2014

We are now beginning plans for Next year's trip.

If you would like to experience the excitement of helping others, please consider being a part of our mission program.

For further information: Contact Pastor Meredith click here

or see one of our Ushers for details


Matthew 28:19-20

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.


Our Sphere of Involvement

Because we believe the field is the world, our responsibility for evangelism begins where we live and

extends to the whole world:

  • Jerusalem - All people from our church's immediate area.

  • Judea - All those peoples in the greater area of our district and national conferences.

  • Samaria - ethnic and other cultural groups in our community and nation.

  • Uttermost part of the earth - the multitude of peoples, tribes and nations beyond our own country

Paraguay 2011:

The Holy Spirit moved powerfully as Pastor Meredith and Jennifer Paredes ministered to the women and the youth.

What about this for God's favor!

Pastor Meredith and Jennifer had the opportunity to speak to the entire nation of Paraguay through a very popular radio station.

Also, shortly after Pastor Meredith returned to the states, and Adolfo Paredes arrived in Paraguay, a door opened for them to meet and to pray with the First Lady of the Country!

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/DSCN5797.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/DSCN5823.jpg  /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/DSC_0086.JPG

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/DSC_0084.JPG  /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/HPIM0461.JPG /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/IMG_4269.jpg

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/IMG_4356.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/IMG_4546.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/IMG_4581.jpg

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/IMG_4592.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/IMG_4625.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/par pics 1 026.jpg

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/par pics 1 029.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/par pics 1 031.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/VISITA EE.UU 014.jpg

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/VISITA EE.UU 023.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/VISITA EE.UU 028.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/VISITA EE.UU 035.jpg

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/VISITA EE.UU 050.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/VISITA EE.UU 051.jpg /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/VISITA EE.UU 063.jpg

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/VISITA EE.UU 067.jpg  /files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Paraguay/VISITA EE.UU 095.jpg

As an important response to God's Word, SHORELINE is a committed supporter of missions; local, domestic and international.  Here are a few pictures of our Mexico Trip made in conjunction with Living Faith Christian Church of Waterbury, CT.

/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/027_25.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/025_23A.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/Imgp0480.jpg


/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/014_11A.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/012_9A.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/001_00.JPG


/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/003_0A.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/008_6.JPG/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/010_8.JPG


/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/Imgp0436.jpg/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Mexico/Imgp0462.jpg


The following are pictures from our first missions trip to Cape Verde, Africa.


/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Cape Verde/My Pictures0005.jpg/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Cape Verde/My Pictures0006.jpg/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Cape Verde/My Pictures0020.jpg


/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Cape Verde/My Pictures0022.jpg/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Cape Verde/My Pictures0008.jpg/files/Photo Gallery/Missions/Cape Verde/My Pictures0023.jpg


SHORELINE is currently working to establish new areas for missions. At the core of SHORELINE'S Missions is the belief that each effort and project has its ultimate goal the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  SHORELINE is committed to hearing and implementing God's calling in missions. Any person feeling called by God to be a part of Missions is invited to Contact Pastor Meredith.


Interested in a short-term mission?

Current mission opportunities to be posted soon.

Coming Trips: Mexico in October 2010

                          Paraguay in May of 2011