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 We’re so glad you came to “Experience the Difference” here at Shoreline Church. The Difference is: We allow the Spirit of God to dictate the flow of the service.  We are currently experiencing a powerful move of the Spirit.  So if you are struggling with any of the following situations, come and be Transformed.

If you’re like most families or single parent homes today, you’re probably experiencing one or more of the following situations in your life:

  • Stress at work at home or both
  • Anxiety over finances
  • Family relational difficulties
  • Children involved in drugs or sex
  • Inability to communicate with your children
  • Separation or divorce issues
  • Difficulty with managing career and children
  • Frustration with churches more focused on programs than families

 Single adults, you have your own unique challenges:

  • Feel separation anxiety around old friends who are now married
  • Suffer with depression or loneliness
  • Difficulty in meeting other singles your own age
  • Frustration with organizations more focused on programs than individuals

These are just a few of the problems we all struggle with today.  But the real difficulty is that most churches are too busy giving you OPINIONS, and FEEL GOOD SERMONS, that will not help you.  The only hope for mankind is to be transformed by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

It’s our desire to usher you into the presence of the Living God. In His presence, you will leave different than when you arrived.

So, if you’re not currently attending a church, why not consider making Shoreline Church your home.